Watch this hilarious parody at of man with Trump Derangement Syndrome who smashed, defecated on Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star

For the second time since being elected president, Donald Trump has seen his famous “star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California completely destroyed by yet another lunatic with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

Apparently this time a 24-year-old man pickaxed Trump’s star out of the sidewalk before proceeding to both urinate and defecate on its remains – an absolutely degrading act that the leftist media disregarded as a completely normal response to Trump’s presidency.

The Left’s total rejection of even basic decorum in refusing to condemn this vile act became instant fodder for independent media outlet InfoWars, which created a hilarious parody mocking both the man who committed the crime and the media outlets that defended him.

During a segment on its satirical “Fake News Network,” “Wolf Spritzer” interviews “Lefty Buttlick,” the fictitious criminal who pickaxed Trump’s star, drawing out why he did it and what’s happened to him since.

“It’s probably the proudest moment of my life,” Buttlick is seen explaining.

“It was divine intervention because I was looking for the Donald Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, almost walked right past it, but then I slipped on something and realized … that George Lopez had just been there before I was there,” he adds, referring to the Hispanic television star who was caught publicly urinating on Trump’s star.

“So I’m not the first person to piss on it. George Lopez marked his territory, and I thought, you know what? I’m going to take an axe to this. But it wasn’t without injury. I missed a couple of times; I not longer have my left pinky toe.”

“But let me tell you: it was worth it. And I’m like the most popular guy in Hollywood right now as a result of it.”

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A clear sign of mental illness: most liberals have no idea why they hate Trump

The point of Buttlick’s character is to show the utter insanity of many real life Trump-hating liberals who rationalize away their hateful words and actions, because Trump. Whatever Trump conspiracy theories they heard on television or read on the internet apparently warrant violently destroying a sidewalk and covering it with bodily waste.

“I was cheered on by a lot of people in the surrounding area,” Buttlick states, highlighting the mob mentality of violent liberals. “Everyone was around me at the time. I threatened to do it, and once I started to do it I realized it was the right thing to do at the time.”

Trump haters are also known to ostracize their friends, family members, and co-workers who support Trump, claiming all the while that they’re taking the “high ground,” and that “love trumps hate.”

“I no longer have a lot of my original family and friends because, everyone that’s a Trump supporter, I have completely cut them from my life,” Buttlick adds. “I divorced my wife first, and now I’m hanging out with a chick with hairy armpits.”

Buttlick takes a few other digs at Hollywood actors like Robert DeNiro and Tom Arnold, both of whom have been very vocal in their hatred of Trump. You’ll also hear

“Anderson Cooper even sent me a dozen roses and some revealing pics of him wearing a Speedo,” jokes Buttlick.

Sometimes the best way to prove a point is through humor, and that’s what this parody video is all about. Satire is perhaps the most effective way during the Trump era to expose the absolute insanity of the Left and its epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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