Antifa MUST be declared a terrorist group after attempted assassination of German politician

In a social media post that has since been deleted, an Antifa organization claimed its members were responsible for attacking and nearly killing a German member of parliament to “free him” of his “fascist” ideas.

In a “breaking” Twitter post last week, Belgian-born Greek journalist Sotiri Dimpinoudis wrote that German AfD Minister of Parliament Frank Magnitz “was badly injured in the German town” of Bremen, “probably by three persons of the Antifa. Evidently a man (passer by) saved his life today at night.”

The tweet is accompanied by a graphic picture of Magnitz lying on a hospital bed bleeding from wounds and sporting a swollen right eye.

The deleted post at Indymedia stated, according to Google Translate:

The anti-fascist spring Bremen announces that we wanted to free the AfD politician F. Magnitz on Monday against 18.00 clock local time of his fascist ideas. Magnitz, who keeps good contacts in the far-right and fascist scene and often appears with racial utterances, must not take a foothold in Bremen and elsewhere and heard like any other Nazi muzzled. We do not tolerate any Nazi scum in our area! The anti-fascist spring will come! Get ready!

It’s not clear why the post was deleted, The Gateway Pundit noted, and because it was posted anonymously there is no way to verify its authenticity. But that said, the Antifa group put up calls for violence on their Facebook page about a week before Magnitz was attacked.

Breitbart News correspondent Chris Tomlinson noted that the post comes up in search engines so it was real at some point. In a tweet, he also included a sample of what the group has been posting lately.

Later, he tweeted, “Now they’re attempting to spread the hashtag ‘keinKantholzIstIllegal’ which translates to ‘No 2×4 Is Illegal.’ Magnitz is said to have been viciously beaten with a large piece of wood or blunt object. These are the kinds of people the left celebrates, they are terrorists.” (Related: Antifa should be declared a domestic terrorism organization.)

Antifa is closer to fascism than anyone on the Right

There is additional circumstantial evidence pointing to Antifa. The attack on Magnitz occurred three days after his party’s headquarters building was bombed, Dimpionoudis noted on social media.

For the record, the Left describes the German AfD Party as “right-wing” which, in this case, is code for ‘Germany first.’ It is nationalist in ideology, but like Republicans are mischaracterized by the Left in America, so, too, is the AfD. No one in the party is advocating harm or discrimination to anyone else; primarily the party is opposed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open borders policies when it comes to allowing millions of Middle Eastern migrants into the country who then fail to integrate and cause problems within German society.

Also, as in the U.S., Antifa factions in Germany and Europe justify their brutality and violence by claiming they are fighting “fascism” when in reality members of the group are simply acting out of political animosity. They don’t like conservatives and patriots — or civil society. They support anarchy, unrest and violent revolution to overthrow capitalism. 

In other words, they are closer to fascists than anyone else because they are the authoritarian faction that favors dictatorial powers, “economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition,” as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. 

Under the Obama administration, Antifa was considered a domestic terrorist group. That said, a simple designation doesn’t go far enough. With each act of violence that goes unchallenged and unpunished by governments, Antifa and its related organizations will only feel more empowered to continue their terror campaigns.

As evidenced (further) by what happened in Germany, it’s time the Trump administration not only declared Antifa a terrorist organization, but also started taking actions against its members.

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