In latest left-wing assault on America, “progressives” are now calling for a BAN on cheerleaders in the NFL

USA Today columnist Nancy Armour has a bone to pick with the National Football League (NFL), which she believes shouldn’t be allowed to have cheerleaders because cheerleaders, in Armour’s opinion, are only present during games to look good rather than use their brains.

Even though NFL players themselves are also technically only there to look good rather than use their brains, Armour, in typical feminist form, offers up a litany of complaints specifically about NFL cheerleaders, whom she sees as degrading to the female sex. Among Armour’s gripes are the “skimpy, suggestive outfits” that NFL cheerleaders wear, which Armour can’t stand because they tend to highlight women’s breasts and curvy female figures – two triggering topics for feminists.

Despite the fact that it takes a whole lot of skill and athletic strength to be a cheerleader, Armour personally feels as though it’s more about how the girls look, and thus disapproves of any of them being allowed to earn a living by cheering at games. Armour would rather eliminate this mostly female profession entirely in order to suit her own moralistic convictions about the matter, even if it means ultimately removing a woman’s choice to cheerlead.

“The underlying premise of NFL cheerleaders is degrading, presenting women as nothing more than objects to be leered at,” bemoans Armour with all of the whiny angst that her keyboard would allow. “With skimpy, suggestive outfits as their ‘uniform,’ their only purpose is to titillate.”

Armour is also unhappy that women who aren’t as pretty and busty as NFL cheerleaders might feel bad about themselves when viewing the spectacle on national television. Since women are apparently only their brains, in Armour’s view, any other talent they might have to offer physically automatically constitutes a form of “objectification” that she believes shouldn’t exist in 2018 – because, apparently, all men should have evolved beyond appreciating the female form by now.

Guess what, feminists: women objectify men ALL THE TIME and nobody bats an eye

The hilarious irony, of course, is that people of both sexes are objectified every single day, whether it be for their intellect, physical appearance, or in Nancy Armour’s case, her ability to generate online clickbait for USA Today. Whatever a person does to earn a living quite literally objectifies him or her for the purpose of making money – which is exactly what both female cheerleaders and male football players do during every NFL game.

Digging into the subject even deeper using unbiased standards, one might even argue that men are more objectified than women throughout Western society – and not just in football where their only purpose is to demonstrate physical strength by moving a pig-skin object from one side of the field to the other. Women routinely objectify men based on their looks, bank accounts, and social status, but nobody is penning columns in their defense.

In fact, there’s an entire landfill’s worth of anti-male articles online, nearly all of which are written by angry women, that not only admit that objectification of men is both real and prolific, but that it’s actually okay and permissible. A quick search through the USA Today archives reveals that Nancy Armour has yet to tackle this growing epidemic of male objectification by bitter feminists.

Since every single one of Armour’s gripes about NFL cheerleaders – from their uniforms to their entertainment value to the practicality of their presence – is technically also true about NFL football players, then the only logically consistent solution is to just ban the NFL entirely. It’s the only way to completely eradicate all possibilities of objectification from the equation, after all.

Oh, and you’ll probably need to quit your job, too, Nancy.

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