Disgusting left-wing logic forces schools to blacklist conservative teachers… views steeped in “whiteness” go against social justice theories

Conservative students who aspire to one day become teachers won’t stand a chance if two racist professors at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte (UNC-C) get their way.

Erin Miller, a white woman, and Tehia Stark-Glass, a black woman, say that educators of the future can’t hold conservative viewpoints because anything other than a left-leaning mindset is too steeped in “whiteness.”

According to reports, the anti-white, anti-conservative duo recently co-authored a manifesto for the journal The New Educator that attempts to make the case that white conservative teachers aren’t a proper fit for inner city schools.

Entitled, “The Maintenance of Whiteness in Urban Education,” the paper says that white educators need to learn how to “internalize” social justice concepts in order to effectively teach “colored” children. And those that are least likely to do so are those with conservative values, which become evident at a very young age.

Miller and Stark-Glass say that some of the white students in their elementary education diversity classes are already showing signs of not being qualified to teach because they have “impervious dispositions that would likely not qualify them to work with diverse children.” The problem, they say, is that these students believe that they are “being indoctrinated into anti-American values.”

Supporting the Second Amendment makes you “unfit” to be a teacher, UNC-C professors claim

While the duo evaluated the opinions of 30 of their teachers-in-training who just so happen to be white, they focused on one individual in particular who was openly vocal about her support of the Second Amendment in class.

Referred to as Lara, this student was apparently singled out after vocalizing an instance in which her AP English teacher threatened to give her a 0 grade if she wrote a paper about her opposition to gun control. Completely ignoring Lara’s teaching skills and ability, Miller and Stark-Glass decided to obsess over her “conservatism,” which they say was troubling.

Upset about the fact that Lara’s conservatism “spanned many topics and surfaced repeatedly throughout the course,” the two UNC-C professors declared that it is “safe to assume that Lara probably became less culturally sensitive and open minded” the more she was allowed to speak.

The solution, they say, is to shut people like Lara up, and not give her the chance to receive support from others in the “white conservative community.” They surmised that Lara may have actually accepted her indoctrination into the “ideas of the course” had she not been allowed to speak at all.

In other words, silencing conservative thought and opinion is the only way to ensure that “proper” teachers are made. Further, eliminating conservatism from the classroom is the only way to ensure that “respect for racial minorities” is upheld, they claim.

In typical liberal form, Miller and Glass-Stark offer up plenty of marginalization and patronization against “preservice” teachers like Lara, whom they describe as having an “inability to successfully demonstrate mastery of the course goals and objectives.” The cause, they say, is “whiteness,” which apparently “congeal[s]” when they perceive course material as being “un-American” and “in contrast with their conservatism.”

To top it all off, Miller and Glass-Stark made sure to take a final jab at white people by explaining that they aren’t at all “concerned about the discomfort of whites” in talking about such things, and that they’re only concerned with “what will happen to children of color” if conservatism isn’t completely expunged from all course curriculum.

The growing trend of anti-white sentiment and course curriculum in American classrooms is showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. To keep up with the latest, visit CampusInsanity.com.

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