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Black rapper sets “n-@@a” TRAP for white fan with on-stage n-word lyrics; huge backlash commences

A white woman was reportedly tricked into singing the explicit lyrics of a 2012 “song” written by black rapper Kendrick Lamar on-stage at a recent music festival, which led to her being booed off stage and publicly humiliated after she said the word “nigga,” which is part of the lyrics.

Lamar apparently asked the woman to come up on-stage to sing “M.A.A.D. City” with him, but proceeded to stop singing himself, as well as cut off the music, right before the “nigga” lyric. The woman was thus heard saying this word all by herself, which triggered masses of black people in the audience to boo at her.

This all happened at the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and many are saying it was a malicious publicity stunt designed to garner attention for Lamar, whose career is likely dwindling. By creating a situation of racial tension, as black people are apparently the only ones allowed to say the word “nigga,” Lamar has successfully landed himself in national headlines.

But this one could backfire, seeing as how it’s obvious to everyone who watches the clip of the incident, which has since gone viral, that the whole thing was staged as a way to humiliate a white woman for publicity purposes. The woman clearly didn’t even know that she had done something “wrong,” seeing as how “nigga” is part of the lyrics that she was asked by Lamar to sing.

“The biggest set up ever,” wrote one Twitter user about the stunt. “Brought a fan up on stage to sing Maadcity and then flipped when she said the N word. Smh. He knew what he was doing. Ruined her life all over social media. She’s gonna have to live with the video of people being mad forever.”

Another Twitter user was even more pointed, stating that this was “an obvious attempt by Kendrick Lamar and most likely his record label, to stir the pot.” He added: “How much more hatred has been generated by this little stunt?”

Yet another admitted that he “lost mad respect for my top 5 rapper,” adding that “[y]ou cant pick and choose who says ‘n***a’ when u say it in your music and have all your fans singing it… That was a set up.”

White people need to stop supporting racist blacks like Kendrick Lamar who set double standards that favor themselves

The woman can be seen in the video expression confusion after the fact as fans are heard booing her. She apparently thought that people simply didn’t like her because she wasn’t “cool enough” to be up there signing.

In other words, she had no idea that her recitation of Lamar’s vile lyrics, which contained the word “nigga,” was of any effect. After he explained it to her, she’s heard saying, “Oh, I’m sorry, did I do it?” to which he responded, “Yea, you did it.”

After apologizing a second time, the woman said what needed to be said: “I’m used to singing it like you wrote it.”

What this all illustrates, of course, is the fact that white people are held to different “rules” than black people when it comes to the things they say publicly. Even white fans of black rappers are basically considered to be third-class, back-of-the-bus supporters who aren’t “allowed” to do the same things as black fans.

This is why white people need to jump ship from this type of madness and stop supporting black racists like Kendrick Lamar who have now shown the world that they’re willing to exploit, humiliate, and publicly abuse their white fans in exchange for publicity. In other words, white lives don’t matter to black racist rappers.

Keep that in mind the next time a black music festival comes to town. And read for more coverage of thought crimes.

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