New Spike Lee film “Blackkklansman” is the racialist Left’s latest effort to keep Americans hating and divided

Another day, another race-baiting movie about black victimhood from one of cinema’s angriest filmmakers, Spike Lee.

In case you haven’t heard, “Blackkklansman” is Lee’s newest “joint,” which just premiered at Cannes. It’s being heralded as his “best movie ever” and “brilliant,” per Showbiz411.

The gushing review notes:

It will be most incendiary as well. What Lee has done here is make a movie of a book, a memoir from the early 70s of a black cop in Colorado Springs, Colorado who infiltrated the KKK in a kind of Cyrano way– he used a white cop to meet with the hooded white supremacists but he, Ron Stallworth, spoke to them by phone and convinced them of his hatred for blacks and Jews.

But let’s jump to the chase. Spike Lee made this book into a movie to show that racism, anti-Semitism, all existed as does today the same way 40 years ago…

The juxtaposition of this new reality– that we’ve elected a president who didn’t denounce hatred but embraced it, that that president is supported by David Duke, who’s still around and fomenting that hate– notches “Blackkklansman” to new [sic] level.

Just. Wow. It’s hard to know where to begin addressing this oaf-like ignorance, so I’ll just dive in.

Let’s be clear: Racism does still exist in America today. It always will exist because it’s a human trait, like it or not. But that also means racism exists everywhere there are human beings. This notion that Americans are somehow more racist than anyone else on the planet is pure fiction. 

Another untruth is the claim that only white people can be and are racists. Anyone who seriously doesn’t think that anti-Semitic piece of human garbage, Louis Farrakhan, is a racist has no connection to reality. And what is Black Lives Matter if it’s not an inherently racist concept?

Naturally no charge of racism today from the Marxist Left is complete without linking it to President Donald J. Trump and Charlottesville (the doorknob writer of this Showbiz411 piece did the same thing, only he erroneously said Charlottesville is in Virginia — when in reality he was referencing the white supremacy rally last year in Charlottesville, North Carolina). 

Trump didn’t denounce it, or at least not fast enough. And how dare he say that both sides were responsible for the violence that ensued (when in fact Obama’s own DHS and FBI had come to a similar conclusion more than a year earlier).

It’s time to stop letting this nonsense be passed off as fact

You know, Lee could have just as easily made a movie that shows how much true progress has been made over the years in bringing Americans of all races closer together while expanding opportunities for all of our citizens. [Related: Snoop Dogg shoots “clown Trump” in latest sick gesture for attention by an entertainment industry washout.]

He could be making films about minorities who’ve been successful in America, where they wouldn’t have had an opportunity to be successful living somewhere else.

But he didn’t. And he won’t. Because he’s just a perpetually bitter little man with an ax to grind who believes what a number of prominent blacks and their supporters believe: ‘It’s time to stick it to whitey for so many years of oppression!’

To racialists like Lee, it doesn’t occur to them that outside of their narrow little minds and their narrow circle of friends, most Americans are sickened by the race-baiting and constant claims of black victimhood. They’re tired of the hatred such films gin up. They’ve long grown weary of all the self-imposed division.

Black leaders used to say that racism isn’t inherent, it is taught. They were correct. 

What do you think Spike Lee is teaching his own kids and millions of other black youths to think about Americans with light-colored skin?

Here’s a hint: It’s not unity. 

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J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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