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Hollywood star T. J. Miller arrested for making terrorist-style bomb threat at LaGuardia Airport; faces five years in prison

T.J. Miller, who plays the fictional character Weasel in Marvel’s Deadpool, was arrested at LaGuardia Airport early last week for allegedly calling in a fake bomb threat.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a press release stated that Miller was arrested for allegedly “intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device on a train traveling to Connecticut.” The outlet reports that the alleged bomb threat was made back in March.

The former Silicon Valley star made an appearance before U.S. District Judge Jeffery A. Meyer in New Haven, Connecticut on Tuesday and was released on a $100,000 bond. If found guilty, the 36-year-old actor could potentially face of a maximum prison sentence of five years.

This is hardly the first time that Miller has had trouble with the law. In December of 2016, the Deadpool star was arrested and charged for allegedly slapping an Uber driver over an argument about President Donald Trump. According to TMZ, Miller settled the dispute last month.

With each passing day, it becomes increasingly obvious that Hollywood really is like a different planet, whose inhabitants feel as though the law doesn’t apply to them. They are too “rich” and too “famous,” you see, to be bothered by the rules of society like the rest of us – and when it comes to politics, Hollywood stars think that they’re all-knowing, all-seeing oracles.

Recently, actor Rob Reiner took to Twitter and questioned why Republicans who “love the country” refuse to “stand up” to President Trump, who Reiner describes as a “childish sociopathic liar” for criticizing the mainstream media.

“Democracy is being tested. The rule of law and the press are under attack by a childish sociopathic liar,” the All In The Family star wrote on Thursday. “Congressional checks and balances have been obliterated. All it would take is one principled Republican, not on the way out, to stand up for the love of country.”

This is exactly why Hollywood actors and actresses should stick to entertaining us instead of lecturing us on politics. With this single post on social media, Reiner exposed himself as someone who doesn’t understand what the rule of law actually is, what the conservative republicans actually stand for, and how American politics work in general. (Related: Hollywood celebrities have discovered that they have no real influence over the voters.)

For example, President Trump hasn’t been hostile to the rule of law; as a matter of fact, he has been extremely cooperative thus far with Robert Mueller and his phony investigation into so-called “Russia collusion” during the 2016 presidential election. Included in the rule of law is the idea that justice will be fairly and equally applied to all citizens of the United States, and in the case of President Trump, it most certainly has not been fairly applied. (Related: Please, Hollywood – shut down completely while Trump makes America great again.)

Furthermore, as Breitbart News pointed out, President Trump has not taken any steps to prevent the mainstream media from doing its job, unlike his predecessor Barack Obama. For instance, in 2013, Leonard Downie Jr., of the Washington Post called Obama the “most closed, control-freak administration” he had ever covered throughout his career in journalism, adding that the former president had prosecuted more whistleblowers under the 1917 Espionage Act than all of the presidents that came before him combined. You’ll notice that Reiner never mentioned this (and probably never will) and instead focused all of his attention on how the “childish, sociopathic” Donald Trump criticizes the media.

Hollywood really is an entirely different world, whose people often think they are above everybody else both legally and intellectually. It’s a place where the lowest forms of humanity are put on full display, and liberalism reigns supreme.

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