LIBTARD PARADE: College debate tournament bans MEN because they might win

A debate tournament that recently took place at the extremely left-leaning University of Vermont (UVM) decided to prohibit all men from participating in order to shield women and other “gender minorities” from having to face competitive “sexism” in the form of skilled male debaters.

According to reports, the North American Women’s and Gender Minorities Debate Championship (NAWGM) made the decision to exclude all males from participating because guys are apparently more apt to win arguments using reason and rational thought – and are thus a threat to the female sex which, on average, can’t perform at the same competitive level.

Because women already “have to be that much better than men to overcome bias on the part of many judges,” to quote a statement issued by the group to the Associated Press (AP), NAGWM feels the need to further intervene by fighting perceived sexism with even more sexism, apparently.

The group claims that statistics show women to be “less likely to reach the top echelons of the activity,” which in this case is debate, and that the presence of men is oppressive to their potential achievement. As a result, men need to be barred, the group insists, from what has traditionally been one of the only co-ed intercollegiate competitive activities.

“There is also a lot of sexual predation that happens in the debate community,” UVM debate director Helen Morgan-Parmett is quoted as saying in support of NAGWM’s discriminatory stance against male debate participants. “The tournament, I think, provides a safe space where people feel they are debating other women, and their bodies aren’t necessarily on display.”

If changing your gender can help you to move forward and fight injustice, go for it!

What’s oddly ironic about the whole thing is that the same people who support banning men from debate tournaments in order to prop up women are likely supportive of limitless gender fluidity, or the idea that people can simply self-identify as the opposite sex, or even both sexes, whenever it suits their particular agenda.

Applying this type of liberal “logic” to the current debate fiasco, there’s really nothing stopping potential male debate participants from simply self-identifying as females in order to gain inclusion into future debate tournaments. After all, the decision to “switch genders” is exclusively a personal matter that involves only the person making it, we’ve all been told – and anyone who questions it is simply expressing “hate” and “intolerance.”

It’s already happening in other scenarios, with some men declaring themselves to be “women” in order to join up with women’s sports teams. A Brazilian man with mediocre athletic skills who now claims to be a woman and goes by the name of “Tiffany,” for instance, has reportedly become a “women’s volleyball star” in his country because competing against women who aren’t as good at the sport as men is a lot easier for him.

Another biological man from Argentina has reportedly changed his official gender status to a “woman” in order to retire five years earlier than he otherwise could have. The man isn’t actually gender-confused, of course, but is simply taking advantage of gender fluidity laws in a brilliant effort to overcome discriminatory and unfair retirement laws in his country.

And we can expect a whole lot more of this type of gender switching moving forward, as both men and women looking to gain an upper hand in society, either for legitimate reasons or simply to “cheat,” learn that gaining access to whatever it is they want can be as easy as simply deciding to “become” the opposite sex.

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