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Belgian Red Cross chapter instructs its branches to REMOVE the Christian cross from their walls in latest PC attack on Western culture

The politicization of charity has now taken place in at least one European country, as officials with the Belgian branch of the International Red Cross have instructed their offices to remove…crosses…from their offices.

As reported by Breitbart London, volunteers with the organization are criticizing leaders after being sent a communication with the new PC instructions. Why? Because Red Cross officials want the Christian-based charity to become more secular.

“The Belgian branches of the international aid organization received an email from the Provincial Committee of the Red Cross in Liège to remove all crucifixes,” the news site reported.

Adds André Rouffart, president of the Red Cross in Verviers: “We were asked to respect the principles of the Red Cross” and stop distinguishing between race and/or religious belief (not that the organization ever has, considering “race” and “religion” have never been requirements for receiving aid from the organization.

Rouffart claimed that there has been pushback from volunteers and other members regarding the chapter officials’ demand for secularization but nevertheless downplayed it, saying, “I think it’s a storm in a teacup.”

Others, however, decried what is just the latest effort to trash and get rid of yet another Western cultural tradition.

In an interview with Belgian broadcaster RTL, several Red Cross volunteers expressed anger and opposition to the new guideline. One said, “Let things remain as they are. We used to say ‘Christmas holidays,’ now its ‘winter holidays.’ The Christmas market in Brussels has become the ‘Winter Pleasures,’” as Breitbart reported.

The volunteer added: “For a certain part of the population — because of the Muslims — the crosses were removed in the Red Cross houses, more particularly, in that of Verviers.” (Related: Muslim professor says genocide against Whites is “morally required” … and yes, he works at a California university.)

The order to remove Christian crucifixes and crosses follows the proposed removal of a cross in France, located above a statue of Saint John Paul II in Ploërmel, Brittany. That request sparked no small amount of outrage among many, with the Polish and Hungarian governments stepping forward in offering to take the cross.

“Such measures must be regarded as attempts to do away with the continent’s civilization and culture,” said Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó.

Meanwhile, throughout the West, other attempts by the far-Left to destroy remaining Western cultural traditions this Christmas season are proceeding apace.

In Ireland, a Catholic priest has called on Christians to drop the word “Christmas” altogether.

“We’ve lost Christmas, just like we lost Easter, and should abandon the word completely,” said Father Desmond O’Donnell, claiming that the season has been taken over by “Santa and reindeer.”

“We need to let it go, it’s already been hijacked and we just need to recognize and accept that,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

Did I mention this guy is a Catholic priest?

He said the over-commercialization of Christmas has destroyed its meaning, a claim for which there is no evidence, no matter how much merchandise is sold and given away during the season (because let’s face it, Christmas has always been a gift-giving season).

“I’m just trying to rescue the reality of Christmas for believers by giving up ‘Christmas’ and replacing it with another word,” he said. “For many people, God is just a word representing someone to blame in their calamity or a crutch to lean on in a time of distress, and the reality is that ‘Christmas’ no longer means Christmas.”

Talk about cynical. Wow.

Father, you’re part of the problem, and you’re aligning with those on the Alt-Left who would love nothing more than to take down the word and true meaning of Western civilization’s most enduring and important religion.

There are always going to be people who don’t believe in a god — any god — and that is their right, of course. But we in the West celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as “Christmas” on Dec. 25 of each year; how we choose to celebrate or observe it should have no bearing on the fact that it’s still being observed, and that is what we must preserve, for the good of our culture.

Cultural ties bind; lack of cultural ties divide and cause conflict.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:

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